Geo a multi talented part of YehBwoy is involved in both the musical and visual production aspect within the brand. He gained the name “Geo” by his crazy, outgoing personality, being a ‘man of the world’ and never afraid to reach out to new people.


Originating from South London, and more recently Crawley, Geo and has gone to great lengths academically and musically, gaining a degree at Portsmouth University in Film Production whilst consistently performing as a host at nightclubs in and around London.


A naturally gifted host fusing house & garage elements and adopting a similar style to that of the early garage scene within the 2000s, some of Geo’s highlights include hosting at Camden’s Shaka Zulu and Kensington’s BlagClub in which he hosted alongside “RL”, lead singer of the former R&B sensation group Next.


Since joining YehBwoy, Geo’s production skills will be most evident in the upcoming YehBwoy online series scheduled for release in late 2015, which will feature regular documented episodes incorporating in depth artist interviews, behind the scenes and public responses on social issues.


The presence of Geo within YehBwoy will continue to expand on their already built and fully flourished empire. Bringing musical & visual talents in different forms, but also continue to connect people through film and media.


daydreaming 2 ep



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